is herpes curable

Is Herpes Curable ?

Tired of searching cure for herpes? Then I think this is the perfect place for you from where you can get answers of all your questions. Before finding its cure let’s talk about what is herpes and its causes.

Herpes is an infection which caused by herpes simplex virus and this virus spreads through skin to skin contact with an infected person.  Most commonly herpes categorized into two types, (herpes type 1) oral herpes and (herpes type 2) genital herpes, both are highly contagious.  Herpes type 1 is also called fever blister and oral herpes causes cold sores on and around the mouth, lips and under the nose and it can spread through personal contact like sharing personal items, eating in a same utensils and using same towels. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and it can only spread by sexual activities with the infected person.

Herpes virus enters into body through small cut or mucus membrane. There are lots of rumors that by using certain types of medicine you can get rid of herpes but, that’s not true because till the date there is no cure for herpes. Herpes is an incurable disease and once its virus enters into your body than it is impossible for you to get rid of this disease. If I am saying that there is no cure for herpes, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from unbearable pain.

Herpes Medication – Is Herpes Cure possible by this Method?

Now controlling your pain is totally in your hands, yes, you read it write and for that you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars on medications. People who are suffering from herpes may know very well about the medications and antivirals but, still if anyone is unknown about these medications and antivirals, here are the lists:


  • Acyclovir– It slows the growth and spread of the virus in the body. This antiviral is used to treat skin infection which is caused by herpes simplex viruses, chickenpox, shingles, cold sores and genital herpes. One packet of 800 gram of this antiviral cost almost $62.
  • Valacyclovir– This drug is used to treat cold sores in children or chicken pox. This antiviral will not help you to stop the spreading of this virus to others and one packet of 90 grams of valacyclovir will cost you about $40.76 -$765.37.
  • Famciclovir– This antiviral is used to treat shingles, oral herpes and genital herpes. Famciclovir can be used to treat repeat outbreaks and it can prevent further outbreaks. This will cost you about $124 which is a packet of 125 mg and it is packet of 30 tablets.

As I mentioned above this is an incurable disease and these antivirals will not cure herpes at all but it can control your symptoms. I think that everyone is not sufficient to buy these antivirals because these are very high in cost and the charges of these medicines are totally depends on the pharmacy you visit. The worst part of these antivirals is that it can give you side effects and some of them are nausea, fever, kidney disease, diarrhea, gas, itching and unusual bleeding (nose bleeding and gum bleeding). If you want to know more about the side-effects of herpes medication, click here.

Natural Cure for Herpes

natural cure for herpesNow the question is how a person can cure herpes symptoms? Well, the answer is by natural treatment. Natural treatment is the easiest way to cure any kind of problem and you can also cure herpes symptoms. The ingredients which are used to cure herpes symptoms are very cheap and this is the best part of this treatment. Some ingredients which can cure herpes symptoms are

  1. Aloe vera– This is an amazing plant which has the ability to sooth the pain, itching and inflammation. You can buy aloe vera gel from any cosmetics shop or if you want you can also grow aloe plant in your home. Directly apply gel on your affected area and you can use this remedy in both oral and genital herpes.
  2. Garlic– Garlic has been used to treat numerous health problems since thousands of years. This is a very common ingredient in Indian household and now you can use this to cure herpes symptoms. You just need to crush garlic cloves and apply this on your infected area. You may feel little burning sensation but, if you feel unbearable pain, remove it immediately. Read more to know about garlic and herpes outbreaks.

After our long discussion I think I have cleared you about herpes and its causes. Just keep one thing in your mind that even after using natural treatment, antivirals or any other medicines you can’t get rid of this virus ever and there is no cure for herpes till the date.

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